Energy materials platform


Energy materials platform

Prof. John T.S. Irvine, Dr Scott J. Lilley & Dr Stefan Saxin| School of Chemistry

The JTSI group investigates new materials for energy applications. We do this by studying the atomic structure of important chemicals and materials. This allows us to design new materials with improved properties. We can then develop efficient technologies to heat and power homes, businesses, and vehicles. Our devices use conventional fuels but waste far less energy so they do far less harm to the environment. In some cases, carbon dioxide emissions can be all but eliminated. Our batteries store electricity on a vast scale. This enables reliable, low cost, low emission power.

Our project builds links with industry to drive forward the commercialisation of our technologies. We have established a company to develop fuel cell golf buggies and utility vehicles. We began a collaborative project to develop low carbon heat and power systems for the home. And we built a collaboration to commercialise grid-level energy storage.



Dr Scott J. Lilley